Monday, December 21, 2009

Art & Entertainment & Decor

So, I was wandering around downtown (I'd realized that I was an hour early to a shoot...a little excessive. :) ) and stumbled upon Old Town Architectural Salvage (, owned by Grant Rine, Janet's (Caffe Moderne) husband. I was absolutely blown away by the place! I also hope to work with A Legacy, Hewitt's Antiques, and many others around the city.

OH. Just got an e-mail from Mainstreet Collectors .com. They ARE able to make the 10 ft bear cub for the top of the building. Whoops, spilled the beans, don't tell anyone. :) I'm asking them to pose it like the bear is trying to swipe up salmon from the sidewalk. Is that descriptive enough? Haha.

The amazing Heidi Cruz will be painting our Russian Writer Religious Icons; I'm so excited for them! She's a spectacular artist and seems to be excited about the idea. I know (clearly) that we will have one of Nabokov, but I'm not sure who else Pip & Nathan want included. I do also know that prints will be available for sale on postcards, shirts, bags, underpants, cat hats ( know, cats), &c.

Let's see, anything else? OH YEAH clearly haven't started on the business plan. I'm doing all the super fun publicity stuff. Social media sites are crack cocaine, I swear.

Love bunches,

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  1. if you need a logo or business card, holler. or, random art like paintings or installation pieces.